Impression Management


 To achieve quality for becoming “Ideal Self” or “how you would like to be” in real life setting.

 To become a self-evaluation expert and developmental.


Role Play from Selected character and continuing at classroom, home and community by choice. It will cover skills for lifetime performance considering life as longest unscripted performance.


Impression management is a process people use to control the perceptions or impressions about themselves, a bit like personal branding.

Individuals may believe they are being judged or perceived based on their outward appearance, personality or other subjective opinions by other people. Impression management attempts to control these perceptions from other people through the development of self-presentation, methods and techniques used to control outward perceptions or impressions.

The ideal impression management presentation is the attempt to present one’s self how he desires to behave or be viewed, rather than presenting himself in an authentic manner.Closely tied to the ideal brand is the tactical presentation. A tactical brand is used by individuals who wish to present a public image that reflects positively on them. This technique is used to create a behavior or personality that is consistent with outside perceptions of how an individual should act or behave.
Self-presentation plays an integral part in developing impression management techniques. Individuals must select which method they wish to use when presenting themselves to other people, whether in business or social situations. Individuals may also need to develop techniques or characteristic personas that help them to develop their attempts at self-presentation. This persona may include self-disclosure, outward appearance, ingratiation or aligning actions with a current opinion or line of thought.

Presentation Skills Anywhere: how it manage impression
It's hard to imagine career going anywhere unless someone can deliver an effective presentation. Effective presentation doesn’t come from preparation with slides only but from self-esteem and extempore quality that finally contribute in public speaking, official presentation and overcoming unpredictable situation in life.

As we know that talking in public can be extremely stressful and it is easy to get distracted by emotional or physical reactions. By knowing the techniques and public speaking tips/techniques, students will be able to deal with any situations. She/he can do so with confidence, interest and will feel opportunity to deal. The presentation skills come with experience and time. But rehearsal can give perfection in public speaking.

World acceptable practicing tools and tips will be focused with practical demonstration here in this chapter which will help students finally to achieve success and delete failures.


Mode of class conduction

Discussion and practice