Students will achieve ability to understand life positively in personal, family and professional levels by joining this course.

Final Outcome

Globalization of trade has produced massive positive and negative externalities. Too much dependency on technologies and consumption philosophy beyond capacity finally play a role on destructing humanitarian qualities. Virtue and honor are essential qualities which empower individuals to strive to improve themselves and their societies. The very need for virtue and character formation is applied across the cultures and social strata. In this course, Students need to listen to multi chrome conversations from all voices and stories with empathetic perspective.

This course will expand our ability to understand the experiences of everyone, even with those we do not share ideas, thinking. Optimally, the humanist achieves Aristotle’s goal of developing the appropriate emotional responses to the needs of society and the troubles of others. The humanists (both the instructor and learner) help to create empathy, broaden the conception of people, moral concern, a sense of honor and decency, and strengthen responses to unjust conditions.

Without humanitarian qualities, the drive for profit in global trade becomes the sole guiding principle of public policy and action. Humanities help to foster a public rhetorical discourse that promotes an emerging truth rather than a set, monolithic goal of profit or personal benefit regardless of everything.