Transforming Failure info Success

To transform failure into success in life treating failure as an opportunity for learning, growth, improvement and transformation.
To remove pillars of failure.

Contents to be covered
This chapter will cover detail failure phobia and ways to transform failure into success evolving self-esteem.

Overview and Rational
Every one of us has failed at something in our lives-whether a failed marriage, or relationship, a failed weight loss or a failed business or a simple examination. The important thing is how we can learn from failures? This chapter will provides an effective understanding for us to practice whenever a failure is getting you down: Take the word "failure" and turn it into a positive action!

Here are the steps to help you embrace and transform failure and use it as the path to success. See how FAILURE = Success!
● F - stands for forget
● A - stands for accept
● I - stands for investigate
● L - stands for look and Learn
● U - stands for understand
● R - stands for re-evaluate and rejuvenate
● E - stands for entrust

Step-1: Forget: Forget about the past failures in your life. Yesterday is a canceled check, today is cold hard cash, and tomorrow is a promissory note. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and furthermore may never arrive so all you have is the now-the present. Forget about what did not work out as planned, why you failed and move on.

Step-2: Accept: Accept why things did not work out as planned and why you did not succeed as planned-regardless as to whether you were victimized or wronged is irrelevant. Discovering weakness or stupidity is the first step of learning once you can accept only. Accept the facts as facts which are part of the personal growth process in moving forward in reaching your goals.

Step-3: Investigate: Investigate why you failed in areas of your personal and professional life. Knowing what the specific steps you took will help you to avoid some of the same mistakes in your goal setting plan. Self-esteem will help you for proper investigation and creation of opportunity.

Step-4: Look and Learn for alternative ways or solutions in reaching your destination:Remember: it took Thomas Edison over 14,000 failed attempts before he perfected the light bulb that the entire world has come to use in our daily lives. So, we can’t give up in reality for becoming successful.

Step-5: Understand that you are not only a person living with failure: Every one of us fails at something-some more than others. Understand what you did wrong, and make a mental note what you need to improve upon next moving forward in your personal goal setting.

Step-6: Re-evaluate and rejuvenate your overall personal goal setting plan of action, maybe you need to remove some tasks or steps in prioritizing things before you can reach your objective: Think objectively and be honest with yourself regarding where you want to go and how you plan on getting to your ultimate destination. This could be a day, a week, a month or a year process. It is important not to rush through this process -so you do not have to revisit failed attempts yet a second time.

Step-7: Entrust yourself to try again, to not give up on your goal setting plan objectives, regardless of how many times you fail at it: Each step in the right direction pushes you and motivates you to completing and finishing your goals.Finally, it needs to be kept in mind that life is a marathon, not a short race! Above all, take it lightly. We all fail, all the time, not getting what we want offers opportunities to learn and develop. It’s not avoiding failure that creates success; it’s what we do with the learning that counts. Finally, discovering new math in life that can be expressed like “failure =success”. For success you also can keep a quotation in mind “you have to pay in full,otherwise life will be painful’.

Mode of class conduction:
Discussion and practice