Time & Financial Mgt.


● To reorganize young people on time and financial management from practical point of view.
● To create feelings about time and money simultaneously in relation to successes.

Contents to be covered

Contents will cover basic tips for time management and financial management during study and professional life.

Overview and Rational

There are many adults as well as young people who often face one problem that is time management. Putting off large, chunky assignments till the last very minutes thus not able to complete the task given or simply rushed through it to get it done It can affect all the things from one's result at work, to a students' grades in college/universities.

However, there are ways to end the situation, which can improve the student's time management skills. This chapter will explain how many steps are needed for most people to take in order to improve their time management skills.

Same time it’s needed in “managing money”, we call financial management. It notices clearly that number of students don’t know how to manage parent’s money for building bright future rather spending without empathy. A good number of students are also trying to earn themselves but failing in managing in some cases. This chapter will help them to learn the same meaningfully.

Finally, it will focus on synergy of time and money issue for effective living throughout the lifetime.

Mode of class conduction
Presentation, interaction and Practice