Presentation Skills

To prepare for facing a practical job interviews through mock interview sessions.To prepare to face the unpredictable world in every moment during shopping to selling product or ideas

Practicing mock interviews allow a job seeker to become more familiar to the interviewing environment, and can effectively reduce anxiety over the entire process.
Moreover, understanding the company objective, goal and philosophy is important to know by the candidate before facing interviews. At present knowing all about the company from internet is simple like anything. A research on company profile is tremendously helpful for candidate in empowering from the soul. If possible candidate can be dressed with company branded color or logo shades.

By preparing in advance of the interview, candidates can develop a stronger sense of self confidence. Mock interviews can additionally uncover problems, mistakes or mishaps for the job seeker long before the actual interview occurs. In this way, the candidate is able to work to correct these issues during the practice period, and therefore elevate his or her performance during the actual interview.

Practice is a critical part of the interview preparation process. While practicing with an experienced hired manager or an HR professional may be very useful, not all job seekers have access to this resource. Involving friends and family members in conducting mock interviews can be an excellent alternative.

If your friends or family don't have experience conducting mock interviews, it can be challenging for them to effectively help you to prepare for your interview. Art of living has put together this chapter to help individuals who want to get rid of interview phobia.

But the main objective of this chapter is not to prepare for job interview only for performing life at any situation. For becoming a successful entrepreneur presentation skills are mandatory for all the time.

A holistic understanding about work place performance and ability to present success and failure, ability to motivate people positively, ability to engage people emotionally and professionally are desired skills from this chapter.

Mode of class conduction:

Group work, performance, films, practice