Parents, Life & Living


● To understand parenting and their empathetic bondage by extracting from past, bearing present and exploring future by involving them directly.

● To uphold self-esteem, confidence and self-driven quality for evolving leadership quality.

Contents to be covered:

Contents will cover basics of parenting, relationship and values of empathy, relationship that we can’t ignore in living in this beautiful world. Moreover, socio-economic condition of the country where opportunity cost is very high for many of the parents in creating children’s future will be focused.

Overview and Rational:

May be the extreme truth finally needs to be taken in consideration that no one can take care at you entirely without YOU. This chapter will help students to understand about self-guardianship that we can learn from parents.

Normally, in our culture we love to blame others for any failure or hide till other people pointing us. At the end of this course, DIU students will achieve capability to practice bossing on him or her confidently for cherishing individual dream where parents will be happy to feel confident too.

There are very good number of reasons or rationales for the inclusion of this chapter.

● Parents know their children better than anyone else.

● Parents have the most complete understanding of a child's physical, social,developmental, and family history.

● Parents are the only adults in the educational process who have been and will continue to be deeply involved throughout the career; and while they may not be educators themselves, they bring their years of experience in other professions and aspects of life to the process.

Mode of class conduction:

Interactive discussions in presence of parents or legal guardians with students will be followed by relevant slides and handouts. Finally, students will know their parents deeply for creating an emotional and professional bridge between parents and their sons/daughters.

Special note: This class will be held at any bigger room or auditorium in presence of each student’s parents or legal guardians.