Activities Chart

Serial Event Title/Program Title Details Venue
 01  Future Activities  
1. Announce the students to present their network and best practices.
2. Students who made most friends and will be able to say their names will be rewarded.
3. Gift item will funny type like chocolate for distribute and a simple thing for the student like pen-drive.
4. Divide them in small group and give them some questions by which they can understand their limitations. They will give their score like golf and we'll award the best.
5. They will observe all the things (Washroom, classroom, ground, etc.) of the University.
6. We will provide them honorable chairman sir's video and documentary before the program
7. Students will make a presentation on learning from those and best will be awarded by category.
8. Before or after the program we will keep an event to clean the campus.

Permanent Campus

Dhanmondi Campus