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Self-evaluation Test

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  1. Md. Shafiur Rahman

    This quiz will be very helpful for anyone to know about himself.

  2. Md.Rasedul Islam

    The course art of living help a man how to live with peace how can a man talk with other person and reduce some bad habit like smoking.

  3. i think so.

    • AOL provide me to be human,we understand the difference between man and animal.AOL teaches us how to live ethically with all other people in the world.And also notices how to behave with different circumstance.

  4. I attended quiz two times.questions are similar but in one paper there were 4 ques and in other more than 4.I am confused.

  5. joyshri 151-10-319

    this is a very effective task to justify myself.

  6. thank you

  7. Md.Arifuzzaman Arif

    This quiz help me to understand myself more

  8. YES

  9. I enjoy this quiz

  10. nadia113-10-153

    this quiz is really helpful in my life…..

  11. This quiz is really helpful in my life…….

  12. rifaiya123-11-394

    good feeling

  13. that will be helpfull for us

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