Students are asked for using Google to search and find enter-educative tools including slides, documents, movies and others for every chapter. Relevant films and video clips will be downloaded by respective students to explore global learning opportunities from the sky.
Best collections will be evaluated by peers as a part of peer evaluation and those will be uploaded at Art of Living website as a part of assignment. Final presentations will be done by students with proper guidance from respective course teachers.

The final objective of this policy is to make DIU students independent learners who can work confidently from any part of the world. Teachers will teach students online data management and net search techniques as per need.

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  1. Title : Experience on Art Of Living Course
    Name: Adiya Afrin
    ID: 143-10-1080
    Experience on Art of Living

    Art of living course is a way of learning new lessons of life. The experience of the course has given me a lifetime of knowledge. It opened a new dimension to my life which I thought never existed. My enthusiasm is high and creativity has sprung up. In the present vacation I went home to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitor with my cousin and some of friends of the Art of Living course talked about. They were very curious about the course. Because they had no idea about this course. I have discussed some topics, such as—how we can out of the box, learning to unlearn, loving our parents,disconnect to connect,etiquette and importance
    of ethical living. I specially told them to love and respect our parents. I also told them about the new method of question-answer pattern which seems very interesting to them like me. They tell me their life stories, most of the stories, seen the middle of high self esteem and low self-esteem. In course, they are told repeatedly that Its life changing experience, otherwise they shall learn meditation and many other things. they feel at peace and happy. Fear for lot of things has reduced. They feel grateful for everything – the good the bad and the ugly in them life. For every situation gives them an opportunity to grow. Thank you, shamsi ara huda meam for changing my life and their life.

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