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Self SWOT Analysis

Md. Mehedi Hasan
ID No: 143-43-137
Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management ( 3rd batch )
Self SWOT analysis
1. Hard working person
2. Sociable and friendly
3. Forward thinking
4. Good listener
5. Quick learner
6. Polite
7. Open Minded
8. Team worker
1. Short tempered
2. Emotional
3. Poor communication skills
4. Not well at working independently
5. Lazy
6. Not confident in my own work
7. Not good in English Speaking
8. Shyness
I have good strengths and I am a student of Tourism and Hospitality Management so if I solve my weak point I have a good opportunity such as….
1. A career that I can enjoy and provide for my family
2. Learn new skill
3. Student awards
1. Become lazier
2. Not being able to work independently
3. Time management
4. Failing behind
5. Family economic situation


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