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self SOWT analysis

My name is Raihan Chowdhury. I would like to share my Strength, Weakness, Opportunity (SWOT)
My strength is I will do the work whatever is given to me and I finish as quickly as possible
• Time Management
• Flexible
• Organizer
• Open mind
• Hard worker
• Team player
• Convince people

Every person has some weakness. I have some weakness but I will try to me it as my strength.
• Emotional person
• I cannot enough remerging memorize
• My English skill is not enough
• My parents
I am 20 years old and I have come to realize that I am not missed my opportunity in my life.I have already worked BCB. I was completed German Language course in University of Dhaka and France language course in Daffodil international university. And I was also completed short course Food @ Beverage service. Institute of Newton Hotel School. I think I have experience and I am capable to work any where. Specialty in Hospitality Deferment.
Some threats in my life, thinking how to overcome
• Poor English skill
• Carrere
• Responsibility of my family
• Country Politicl
Some strength is my also that


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