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Sharing ideas of Art of living with a community
I am sharing my experiences to my friends, younger & elder brothres

Sharing ideas of Art of living with a community

Assignment on sharing ideas of Art of living with a community

Submitted by:

Md. Moniruzzaman,
Id No: 123-10-823,
Batch: 27th .

Submitted to-

Shamsi Ara Huda,
Assistant Professor,
Department of English,
Daffodil International University.

Sharing ideas of Art of living with a community

I was inspired by the course Art of Living to do something in the period of Eid Vacation. Especially I am grateful to my course teacher Shamsi Ara Huda who inspired me to do that. At first I made a community with my friends, elder and younger brothers and shared my some ideas to them which I have learnt from that course. I shared to them unlearning, mind mapping, good behaviour to parents, finally I emphasised to social works. Being motivated they told me to do something within short time. We arranged a meeting and decided that–

1. We would arrange an Iftar Party.

2. We would prepare CHAMIANA of our Eid Gah as well as Gate voluntarily.

Really I am grateful to my friends and others for helping. When we started our work the people encouraged us to proceed on. They helped us in many ways. We collect some subscriptions (Hadia) for Iftar. But whole work of Eid Ghah Samiana we did voluntarily. Villagers appreciated us for such kind of social work. There were some obstacles but we overcome those. And Eid Gah committee announced that every year we would get these responsibilities to do those types of works. Thought Eid day was full of heavy rainfall but we hope that it is bless of Allah.

I think it was our responsibility to do something for my society. Next time we will initiate largely to do better for our society. And I will keep it up to my life and we have to share our experiences to other people which we are learning everyday not only from Art of Living.

—–: The End :——


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