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Experience sharing achieved from Art of Living

Title: Experience Sharing achieved from Art of living
Location: Konabari , Gazipur
Name: Ahasan Habib
ID: 131-11-477

I learn some new things from this course and some were in past but by this course that’s I can recall of that matters. It’s a course from where I can learn lots of things. That things I share some of my friends over the phone and with my cousins. I shared how can be come out of the box, then more difficult is learning then unlearn, there is need to future planning to be a successful person. How we behave with a worker or poor people. There is need to judge write or wrong and etiquette. I shared some video by my phone. The example and which I have in my memory I shared with them.
Comments: By discussing this experience they give their opinion that is a good course for morally up and if any one followed this, as a good human it is needed. Some of them express if this can be shared from school life then it will be better for a child and for next generation.


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