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Learning to Learn

Learning To Learn

For the first twenty-two years or so of our lives, our main “job” is learning. The bulk of our time is spent in classrooms acquiring new knowledge. And then, once we graduate, we feel like the education phase of our lives is done and now it’s time to go out ... Read More »

Learning and Unlearning: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” ~Buddha A teacher of mine once said, “Don’t show up as the person you think you are. Show up as the person you want to be.” A powerful statement, but I didn’t know who ... Read More »

How do we Unlearn?

How do we Unlearn? You could say that to learn how to swim, you should get into the water. To learn how to play piano, you should take lessons and listen to music and practice on the piano. But to unlearn, there is no one way. Of course, it requires ... Read More »

Learn, Unlearn And Relearn: How To Stay Current And Get Ahead

My kids can’t comprehend how I ever organized a social life back in the ancient pre-Facebook era. Their digital brains boggle even further trying to imagine how anyone ever did their job without computers, email or mobile phones. ‘We used to send smoke signals,’ I chide them. In their world, ... Read More »

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